A History of Growth and Innovation

Shubhayan Industries and its affiliated companies have unparalleled experience in specialized technology solutions.

About Us


Our Beginnings

The predecessor company of Shubhayan Industries Incorporated was born out of the entrepreneurial ideas of Mr. Kanai Lal Mukherjee who, in the early 1950s would say “Everything is invented - Language. Childhood. Careers. Relationships. Religion. Philosophy. The Future. They must be invented by people. So go invent something . . .”

More than 60 Decades in Business

Our group of companies got its start in the early fifties in Jaipur, India. Mr. Kanai Lal Mukherjee began his career establishing salt factories in the region. In the subsequent decades, his son, Mr. Udayan Mukherjee, through the group of companies focused in establishing infrastructure projects and manufacturing facilities in Bombay, India and Nairobi, Kenya. To this day we continue to work with numerous African governments in infrastructure development.

In the 1990s we started our work in the United States to provide a platform for our clients in the American market. We initially worked with African businesses that needed a presence in the United States. With the advent of the Internet the focus shifted to web based technology.

By the early 2000s Shubhayan Industries started working in the political arena in San Diego, California. Over the past decade we have worked for numerous political campaigns providing technology and online-based solutions. We incorporated our knowledge of technology and expertise in providing technology solutions for political candidates and campaigns. Throughout the years our focus has shifted to working with multinational corporations and non-profits.

With over thirteen years in the business we have developed a breadth of technology solutions to meet our client’s needs. We have provided our expertise to a diverse client base, including development and implementation of technology for political campaigns and customizable technology solutions for multinational enterprises.

We have worked closely with both international and domestic Presidential and Gubernatorial candidates as well as candidates for public office in the United States Senate and United States House of Representatives. For our corporate clients we provide technology to address complex systems integration needs, software and application development (Java, Windows and .NET), virtualization, server consolidation, cloud computing, data management and infrastructure. We work with our client’s existing capabilities and technologies to provide the best solutions.

We Provide for Your Technology Needs

Our technology solutions are reliable and predictable. Technology is our forte. We create effective, customized technology solutions for some of the most successful companies and organizations around the world. Creating the technology base that our clients need to thrive and grow. Our technology solutions are all encompassing and involve a creative element to provide a full solution for our clients.

Business Solutions from a Team With Extensive Experience

We excel at producing custom technology solutions. Technology provides the means by which our clients reach out to their customers, market to them and grow their business. Our team encompasses the best of technology, marketing and design and incorporates business development strategies for the best combination. We are able to provide full solutions to our clients fulfilling all of their needs under one umbrella. We provide intricate technology solutions as well as business strategies, marketing plans, customer acquisition and graphic design.

We Aim for Results

Our focus is on results. Our management team works closely with our clients to identify and serve their ultimate goals. We have a goal oriented, flexible approach to all our projects and we hold ourselves to a high standard. We guide and support our clients providing our knowledge and insight to facilitate a solution that is customized and works for each client and becomes a part of each client’s existing business processes and operations. We adapt to our clients we do not expect them to adapt to us. We inspire creative approaches to business, adapting to the rapid changes in technology while minimizing costs for our clients. Let our specialization and experience work for you.

Our Specialties

Custom Technology Solutions. We specialize in providing custom solutions for our client's technology projects. We help analyze our client's technology needs and build custom solutions ranging from online branding, to internal control systems and databases and work with our clients to implement their marketing strategies. Our custom technology solutions are user friendly and we provide training and support for implementation and continued functionality.

Cyber Security. We defend against advanced threats to our client’s digital infrastructure by identifying, protecting, and rapidly responding to security incidents.

Corporate Online Marketing Platforms. We develop online frameworks that provide independent professionals with a corporate managed online presence. The corporate designed framework gives each professional a way for each professional's customers to learn more about them and their products and services. Enterprises with professional representatives and distributors benefit from providing added value to their distributors and franchisees by providing them with fully managed online marketing solutions.

Software and Web Applications. We build custom enterprise software and web based applications and work with our client’s existing capabilities and technologies to provide the best solutions and help resolve evolving business and technology challenges by identifying, designing and building applications that meet our client's business requirements. We develop high quality software applications that are easy to maintain and integrate.

Enterprise Cloud Solutions with Managed Hosting. We use world-class data centers to provide managed dedicated cloud and hosting solutions.

International Clients. We focus in working with corporate clients including mid-size to large national and multi-national companies desiring to enhance their corporate identity and online presence. We specialize in providing our services to Spanish speaking clients in the United States, Latin America and Spain.

Helping Businesses Run Smarter. Our customized technology solutions reduce our client's technology and IT costs in a fast and effective manner.

Our Technology Solutions

Our technology solutions are customized to serve the requirements of each of our clients. We can provide individualized solutions that integrate with our client’s existing technology systems. Our technology solutions include:

•  Archiving
•  Business process management and integration
•  Cloud computing
•  Content collaboration
•  Database development
•  Data management and infrastructure
•  Data migration and warehousing
•  Enterprise information management
•  Information security, including, advanced threats, authentication,
    data loss prevention (DLP), data protection, identity and access
    management, security analytics and security management
•  Server consolidation
•  Software and application development (Java, Windows and .NET)
•  Virtualization of existing IT infrastructure